No(w) Music

No(w) Music - Cadence Jazz Records, 2001

Adam Lane's Full Throttle Orchestra - No(w) Music (Cadence Jazz Records)


  • Adam Lane (bass, electronics);
  • Aaron Bennett, Jeff Chan (reeds);
  • Darren Johnston (trumpet);
  • John Finkbeiner,
  • Myles Boisen (electric guitar). 

Recording track list:

  1. Smack 
  2. House of Elegant See All 2 
  3. Grape Ape Meets the Working Man 
  4. Ne wOL dTunE 
  5. Goro Tokimune See All 2 
  6. Post-Industrial Folksong 
  7. Blues with Fuzz tar Up to Ten and Put Three Distortion Bo 
  8. Mr. Furry Little Cute Little Mr. Bunny, Hopping Along Nicely

No(w) Music: release info

No(w) Music album by Adam Lane was released Jan 15, 2002 on the Cadence Jazz label. Big band jazz never sounded so good, or so perverse, depending on your perspective, as it does with Adam Lane's Full Throttle Orchestra. No(w) Music music CDs Contradictions abound, as the "Orchestra" is not really an orchestra at all, consisting of merely six or seven musicians, depending on the piece. No(w) Music songs Yet the sounds are so robust, so huge, that you could be excused for thinking you were listening to a fifteen or twenty piece ensemble. No(w) Music album Lane is a prankster at heart: Not only are his song titles clever, but he enjoys setting up the listener by leading him down a path and then switching gears on a moment's notice. No(w) Music CD music Fortunately, his writing skills are rock solid, and he enjoys a breadth of appreciation for a range of styles, from whip-thrashing free-style jazz to hard-hitting blues to new electronica to hard bop. It is all swirled together in a mélange of weirdness, with the complicated written parts relying on difficult rhythmic twists. No(w) Music music CDs Fortunately, the individual improvisations are up to the task, with some particularly hot solos from electric guitarist John Finkbeiner and saxophonist Jeff Chan. There's hardly a weak moment on this full-length recording, which is a blast from beginning to end. Sure, it is not all easy listening, but baby, it swings and rocks, and touches outer space in the process. Sun Ra, catch it if you can!

Cadence Jazz Records, 2001

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