Four Corners

Four Corners - Clean Feed ‎– CF076CD, 2007

Four Corners (co-lead project with Ken Vandermark) (CleanFeed)


  • Adam Lane (b),
  • Ken Vandermark (reeds),
  • Magnus Broo (t),
  • Paal Nilssen-Love (d).

Recording track list:

  1. Alfama (For Georges Braque) 10:07 
  2. Spin With The EARth 9:58 
  3. Short Stop (For Bobby Bradford) 9:52 
  4. Lucia 11:01 
  5. Ashcan Rantings 9:39 
  6. Tomorrow Now (For Lester Bowie) 8:53 
  7. ChiChi Rides The Tiger 14:07

Four Corners: release info

If you already sensed that the free bop style played by Ken Vandermark has roots in rhythm 'n' blues, here is the recording that confirms your impression. The context enables him to show his origins, and is provided here by a rock solid rhythm section formed by Adam Lane (sometimes with his double bass plugged to a distortion pedal, and when that happens it really grooves) and Paal Nilssen-Love, a drummer who seems to have four arms and four legs A second horn, the trumpet of the amazing Magnus Broo, relates to the saxophonist and clarinetist just as Donald Ayler did with his brother Albert. The compositions, by Vandermark himself and Lane, are reminiscent of the Sixties writing of Ornette Coleman, with the addition of a strong melodic suggestibility - "Lucia" is a good example. But the music is not a celebration of past achievements. This is jazz of the 21st century, reflecting the many musical interests of its performers, going from Mingus flavours and Berio's ideas to a Black Sabbath-like energy and the balance of Funkadelic. "4 Corners" was recorded live in a bar atmosphere during a festival in Coimbra, Portugal, and it reflects the very special moment of communication with the audience they were capable to ignite. This is powerful, loud, intense music, the kind that vibrates in your soul beside your senses and your body. With lots of fun but also profoundly serious in its purpose to gather people in these times of cultural and civilizational conflict.

Clean Feed ‎– CF076CD, 2007

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Recorded At – Salão Brazil
Mixed At – Corner Stone Studio
Mastered At – Corner Stone Studio

Recorded at Salão Brazil, Coimbra, Portugal, June 1, 2 and 3, 2006.
Mixed and mastered at the Corner Stone Studio, December 2006.