Hollywood Wedding

Hollywood Wedding - Cadence Jazz Records 1104, 1999

Adam Lane HOLLYWOOD WEDDING (Cadence Jazz Records)


  • Aaron Bennett Sax (Tenor)
  • Mark Chung Violin
  • Greg Diamond Percussion
  • Joel Fox Electronics
  • Ryan Francesconi Guitar (Electric), Mastering
  • Randy Gloss Percussion
  • Art Hirahara Piano
  • Steev Hise Electronics
  • Arthur Jarvinen Bass (Electric), Electronics, Vocals
  • Lynn Johnston Clarinet (Bass), Reeds
  • James King Reeds
  • Benny Lackner Piano
  • Adam Lane Bass, Composer, Conductor, Cover Photo, Electronics, Liner Notes, Primary Artist
  • Josef Leimberg Composer, Trumpet
  • Rob Lorentz Violin
  • Fawntice McCain Flute
  • Brian McFadin Sax (Tenor), Soloist
  • Scot Ray Trombone
  • Vicki Ray Organ, Piano
  • Dave Shaffer Percussion
  • Todd M. Simon Trumpet
  • Wadada Leo Smith Trumpet
  • Dorothy Stone Conductor
  • Marty Walker Clarinet, Clarinet (Bass)

Recording track list:

  1. Monolith (The Assassination of Rabin)
  2. The Box
  3. Dedicated [Version]
  4. Blues for Richard Davis
  5. The Government Has a Responsibility to Provide for Its People
  6. Fire Up the Pig
  7. After Party
  8. Cows
  9. Peace (For Wadada Leo Smith)
  10. New Mars

Hollywood Wedding: release info

  • Bob Clendenen Engineer
  • Peter Doell Engineer, Mixing
  • Gary Denton Mixing
  • Wally Traugott Mastering
  • David Roitstien Session Producer
  • Bob Rusch Liner Notes, Producer
  • Hillary J. Ryan Layout Design
  • Adam Goldman Photography

Cadence Jazz Records 1104, 1999

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