What Is When

What Is When - Clean Feed ‎– CF146CD, 2009

Luis Lopes, Adam Lane, Igal Foni (Clean Feed)


  • Double Bass – Adam Lane
  • Drums – Igal Foni
  • Guitar – Luís Lopes

Recording track list:

  1. Evolution Motive (For Charles Darwin And Sonny Sharrock) 4:03 
  2. Spontaneous Combustion 4:07 
  3. Cerejeiras 8:01 
  4. Eufoni 0:59
    1. Drums – Luís Lopes
    2. Guitar – Igal Foni 
  5. The Siege 4:24 
  6. Street Clown Girl 6:37 
  7. Melodic 8 8:32 
  8. ChiChi Rides The Tiger 5:24 
  9. Perched Upon An Electric Wire 5:06

What Is When: release info

In music, the art of time, you necessarily find the “what” in the “when”. And the “what / when” factor, here, is a jumpy, unquiet, syncopated music coming from the same sources which originated both the Delta and the Chicago blues, the most primordial rock 'n' roll, hardcore punk and free jazz: guts and nerves. So, it's with no real surprise that Portuguese guitarrist Luís Lopes, American contrabassist Adam Lane and Israeli drummer Igal Foni play a strange hybrid of all those styles. Maybe the jazz element is the concrete assembling everything else in this CD, but it's also true that the purpose was to form a power trio, just like the ones celebrated in the history of rock: Jimi Hendrix's Band of Gypsys and Experience, Cream, Blue Cheer, Rush and Motorhead are good examples. Or Sex Pistols, without the vocalist. And a power trio indeed we have, sometimes brutal, but not making things to easy (the rhythms are quite complex, nothing a teenage garage band can do), with no unnecessary ornamentations but evident efficacy. This is emotional, raw, in-your-face music, with lots of feedback and distortion and astonishing solos. When the risk to get tired with all the run turns a menace, they give you some moments of piece, but even in those softer interludes they grab your heart and mind and take it off.

Clean Feed ‎– CF146CD, 2009

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1,2,4,6 recorded 24th September 2007 on Park West Studios, Broklyn, New York.
3,5,7,8,9 recorded 1st July 2008 on Som de Lisboa Studios, Lisbon, Portugal.
Mixed at Namouche Studios, Lisbon, March 2009.