Orchestral Works

Orchestral Works
  1. MINI PIG 2000 (performed by the California Ear Unit)
  2. STRING QUARTET (drawing from the rhythmic concept of Bartok and Braxton)
  3. BASS CLARINET CONCERTO (for bass clarinet with distortion and delay)
  4. FIRE UP THE PIG (for The Ear Unit, but more like the Butthole Surfers than Schoenberg)
  5. STRING ORCHESTRA (this is the one that Suzanne Somers almost sued me over)

MINI PIG 2000. For electric chamber ensemble.

Commissioned by the California Ear Unit. Premiered at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

FIRE UP THE PIG. Performed by the California Ear Unit a part of the Yong Composers Conerence at Arcosanti, Mayer, AZ. (1998)

ELVIS' TOMB IS EMPTY.Performed by the California Ear Unit a part of the Young composers Conference, Arcosanti, Mayer, AZ. (1997)

SONIC FORMS IV for String Orchestra with Altered Tuning Scored for three groups of strings (each group containing vn, vla, vc), improvising double bass, and processed soprano. Each of the three groups is set to a different tuning resulting in a lush and awkward sound. Soprano uses text by tv icon Suzanne Somers.

BASS CLARINET CONCERTO (for processed clarinet and orchestra). The clarinet is processed through a stream of distortion, echo, delay, and chorus pedals. Sounds closer to Hendrix than Eric Dolphy. Clarinet does not change fingerings. I worked individually with the player (the Bay Area's Jeff Chan) to exploit as many multi-phonics and tambral shifts from one "note" as possible.

NEW MARS (for Improvising Orchestra). Conducted in the Earle Brown method. For 20 improvisers and two Caberet singers.

STRING QUARTET A string piece that draws from the rhythmic qualities of Bartok and Muhal Richard Abrams.